Google Pigeon Algorithm And What It Means For Businesses?

Google Pigeon

Google released a new algorithm about a week ago to help improve the accuracy of local search results. Unofficially dubbed as Google Pigeon, the algorithm was quite significant and local businesses overall are seeing either increases or decreases in website referrals and traffic. The idea is to offer local search results that are more closely related to some of the ... Read More »

How To Embed A Tweet Within A Tweet?


[ad_1] Ever felt the need to quote a tweet without having to retweet it or copy-pasting its entire content? You can save quite a bit of character space simply by embedding other tweets within your own. Tweetception, if you will. Twitter mobile apps previously allowed users to embed Tweets within Tweets, a feature that has now been made available for ... Read More »

Google Announced The Google News Publisher Center

Google News Publisher Center

[ad_1] Are you a news publisher, competing for the top spot in the ‘News’ section of Google Search? News websites can be very tricky to manage and maintain, especially when evolving over time. Unlike regular search results, you always needed to put in more effort to surface within News, and problems with your latest news content making it to the ... Read More »