My live backlink experiment! I’ll build 30k backlinks to YOUR website!


Hey guys! What’s up? I hope you’re doing alright. I’m good and looking forward to have a great weekend because of my birthday. As a present for my readers I’m doing this live case study of the Backlink experiment and the so famous “Churn & Burn” strategy. However, I’ve decided to make it more interesting! Instead of just testing the ... Read More »

RapGenius case study – Even big brands do SEO and fail

[ad_1] RapGenius, why it was penalized? How they get back their original ranking? RapGenius is a company that makes its money from providing music lyrics. Every day, millions search for the lyrics to their favorite songs. It is imperative that RapGenius’ URL be among the first results that people click on when searching for lyrics for it to make more sales. How ... Read More »

Guest Blogging? Stream SEO now pays $30 per post

[ad_1] Yeah. You’ve read that right. Stream SEO now pays $30 per guest post submitted, and here’s why. I’ll put this short and simple. I started accepting guest posts almost 1 year ago, after Stream SEO was 1 year old. At that time, I was pulling a good chunk of new posts per week, and I even promised myself to ... Read More »

$100 from a single post I made 2 years ago?!

[ad_1] Hey guys. Servando here for another post at Stream SEO. Today I want to talk to you about how I made $100 from a single post I made more than 2 years ago in a website named Hubpages. I’ll keep this story short but interesting. Back in 2011 I made 5 posts in this website called Hubpages. If you ... Read More »

Make money with Qadabra Ads


[ad_1] Servando Silva: Hello guys. This is a guest post from a company that has been growing and offering a great advertising platform for webmasters and internet affiliates lately. It’s been promoted on one of my most successful posts here at Stream SEO (10 best Google Adsense Alternatives) and now they’re reaching me out so they can talk a little ... Read More »

220% more conversions using a Lightbox Popup

Lightbox Popup

[ad_1] Just 2 months ago when I made the latest redesign at Stream SEO, I decided to do what I have never done before: use a popup. Whaaat? Yeah, I’m not really into the popups because they usually distract people from reading your content and because sometimes I hate closing too many windows when popups appear. However, Darren Rowse from ... Read More »

You don’t need Adsense to Make Money

Google Adsense-enpi

[ad_1] I receive weekly emails or messages on my Facebook Fan Page or Google+ account telling me that if you’re banned from Adsense, you can’t make money online. While there are many ways to make money online, one of the easiest ways to monetize a website is with Google Adsense. Google is the biggest Search Engine in the world and ... Read More »