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How to Sync Microsoft OneDrive in Linux


There are lots of cloud storage solutions available, some of them run by independent companies like Dropbox or Copy, while others come from operating system providers like Google (Google Drive), Apple (iCloud) and Microsoft (OneDrive). Syncing these cloud storage services with Linux can be hit or miss, depending on the level of support provided. Dropbox has good support for Linux, ... Read More »

Stop Facebook from Selling Out Your Browsing Data


As we all know, Facebook is never a privacy-friendly place, and it never fails to provoke its users with frequent changes that disregard your privacy. Earlier this June, Facebook stated that its plans to share any and all the data it has collected by tracking your app and browsing history with the third parties and advertisers to show you more ... Read More »

Should I Use a Website Creator or Hire a Web Designer?


[ad_1] If you are aspiring to run an online business, you will know the importance of having a great website. With so many options now available for getting your website up and running, it can be a little tricky, and frustrating, to decide whether to hire a web designer or go with the different DIY website creators out there. If ... Read More »

10 Interesting Easter Eggs in Mac You Probably Don’t Know


[ad_1] Did you know that your Mac came preloaded with a ton of easter eggs? These easter eggs are the hidden functionalities in your machine that can only be revealed after digging deeper into the system. Well, you can avoid doing the digging yourself as we uncovered some of the easter eggs in Mac for you. Here are 10 of ... Read More »

Some of the Google Now Easter Eggs You Should Know

[ad_1] Google is known for its great sense of humor, especially when it comes to adding easter eggs in its products. From its search engine to features like Google Now, you will see a lot of intentional jokes, or in other words, easter eggs hidden in them. Fortunately, there are some diggers who keep on digging through various products to ... Read More »

How to Run Desktop and Native Apps Simultaneously on Windows 8

Microsoft introduced Snap View in Windows 7 where you can snap an application window to the side of the screen and have it automatically resize itself to half of the screen. This is great when you want to view two windows side by side. In Windows 8, you can also do the same thing, with both desktop and native apps. ... Read More »

4 Screen-Dimming Android Apps for Better Night-Time Reading

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Most modern Android phones have ambient light sensors that can gauge the environment you’re in and adjust the screen brightness accordingly. Yet even with this feature, Android still doesn’t provide more than basic control over brightness settings, and at night, the dimmest option is often still enough to fill up a corner of a room. It can really put a ... Read More »