6 Extremely Useful Online CSS Button Generator Tool

[ad_1] Before CSS3 was launch we all were using an image or slice an 1px image and repeat it for a button bg if it has effects, but CSS3 has came with its new 116 properties and it’s browser prefix for cross browser compatibility, it has changed everything. With the use of CSS3 you can be able to give effect ... Read More »

Amazon Fire Phone Review: It’s Not Terrible, It’s Just Pointless


[ad_1] By now, you’ve probably heard a lot about Amazon’s Fire Phone. I figure that most people aren’t really curious about what the overall phone is like – if you’ve used a Kindle Fire/HD/HDX then you already know. It’s about Amazon services and a weird launcher layout thing. Most people are curious about the four front-facing cameras and Dynamic Perspective. ... Read More »