My live backlink experiment! I’ll build 30k backlinks to YOUR website!

Hey guys! What’s up?

I hope you’re doing alright. I’m good and looking forward to have a great weekend because of my birthday. As a present for my readers I’m doing this live case study of the Backlink experiment and the so famous “Churn & Burn” strategy.

However, I’ve decided to make it more interesting!

Instead of just testing the Churn & Burn strategy with 2-5 websites of my own, I’ve decided I want 2-3 people to help me with this live case study. So yeah! I’ll build between 10-30k backlinks to your site, FOR FREE!

How does this works?

Well, you need to know what “Churn & Burn” means. If you’ve got no idea just read this case study and please understand that this is a very spammy technique.

Of course, this means you need to risk a website (self hosted or in any web 2.0 free platform) and I don’t recommend it for your own personal blog or any blog that is already ranking.

Here’s what I’ll do

I’m going to test this Churn & Burn technique with a few different sites:

A new EMD domain
An aged domain with backlinks and authority
An aged domain without backlinks
A parasite site (blogger, wordpress, etc.)

So I’ll have 4 different websites being blasted with 10-50k backlinks each all in different platforms, IPs and domains to see what happens.

But because I’m happy for being my birthday, and to celebrate that I just passed 3,000 email subscribers on my list, I want 2-3 persons to help me with the experiment.


Well, to diversify and make it better.

This way we try different keywords, on different IPs and hosts, and probably in different countries, so we can have better tests for everyone!

I could run all the tests in the same server with the same IP, but that would mean that if one site fails, the rest could fail for the same reason. I don’t want that, so I’ll ask for some help.

churn burn backlinks

Here’s what you need

If you want to be part of this experiment, you’ll need a few things:

Understand that this experiment shouldn’t be done in your personal website/blog
A keyword or set of 2/3 keywords (long tails from the main one) that receive at least 100 visits PER DAY if ranked 1st in Google (Use Market Samurai and check the SEOT parameter). The keywords should have low-medium competition, similar to the ones I showed in my case study. That means a lot of green and yellow in Market Samurai.
An article focused on those keywords with 500-1000 words. Most be original, not stolen content.
Contact me via Facebook, Twitter or Google+ (preferably Tweeter) if you want to participate. You can find all my profiles at the bottom of my sidebar

That’s it. I’ll do the rest.

What I’m doing

I’m going to add all the keywords and articles to my rank tracker so we can post later some ranking graphs and statistics. And of course, I’m going to build 10-30k backlinks FOR FREE. If the site ranks, it’s totally yours… so you can do anything with it. If it doesn’t… well… you didn’t pay for the backlinks anyway.

I won’t publish the exact keywords, but I’ll keep track of the rankings and backlinks for a long time and will document them for this case study.

I need somebody with 1) a new domain, someone with 2) an aged domain (and a few backlinks made in the past), and somebody with 3) a parasite site (can be, blogger, hubpages, etc.).

So hurry up and send me your proposals via twitter or Facebook and remember to fill all the requirements!

I’ll read all your messages during the weekend and select 3 people the next week so we can start our live experiment :)

It’ll be fun! Have a great weekend.

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