SEO – How to Check Page Rank and How it Affects Your Website

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[ad_1] Page Rank Page Rank is a useful indicator of how well respected a website is by Google. Just look at Wikipedia’s page rank for example – it’s awesome. But one day, a long long time ago, even Wikipedia started with a PR of zero. Don’t worry so much about getting links from websites with immense page rank. For one, ... Read More »

10 Free WordPress Portfolio Plugin to Display your Work

[ad_1] In this post i want to share with you the 10 Free WordPress Portfolio Plugin to Display your Work in a professional way. Portfolio plugin helps you to show your work and impress your visitors and clients. If you don’t have a portfolio website, so it’s not an issue, you can use a WordPress portfolio plugin on your website ... Read More »

Best offline Android games: play without internet!

[ad_1] On vacation, in the plane, on the train, sometimes you just don’t have mobile internet on your phone and you find that many of the features and functions, including apps, become useless! Thankfully, the Play Store is full of games that will help you get through these boring moments that life sometimes presents to us. Here are some of the ... Read More »

How to Convert Measurements Within Firefox

[ad_1] Working with a web page full of numerical data can be overwhelming, more so if you need these figures to be converted to another unit. You can use online tools, or even just a calculator app, but that would be a nuisance if you’re dealing with massive amounts of figures from a web page. A better solution would be ... Read More »

Top 6 Business Premium WordPress Themes Of June 2014

[ad_1] I have collected the Top 6 Business Premium WordPress Themes Of June 2014 for you. In these days most of the blog runs on WordPress but it’s not like WordPress only for blogging, it is the greatest and most popular Content Management System (CMS) for business and corporate theme also. There is no doubt why WordPress is so popular ... Read More »

Samsung Galaxy Note vs Pro vs Tab S: which should I buy?

[ad_1] You may be wondering what the difference is between all the Samsung tablets on the market right now, and most importantly, which one to buy and why, if you have your eye out for a new Android tablet. Here’s a quick explanation of the various high end Samsung tablet series: Note, Pro and Tab S. © ANDROIDPIT (This is ... Read More »

4 Ways to Reduce Mobile Data Usage on Android

[ad_1] As unfortunate as it may be, most data plans aren’t unlimited. This means smartphone users run the risk of racking up huge fees if they use up too much mobile data while away from a Wi-Fi connection. Fortunately there are many ways people can reduce mobile data usage and the amount they consume. Here are a number of apps ... Read More »